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Brady Declined 5 from NFL GIF/Image Recap

You’ll get ‘em next week, buddy.

Poor guy. 



Kids are cute, but not that cute at 6am. kicking you in the face. wanting to play.

Belichick = genius. 4th and 1 on their own 20. Genious

Im counting 5 Longhorns playing in this Bengals-Pitts game

is your cell phone a radiating monster? check this site to see how much radiation your phone emits

I think The Fray only makes music for ABC dramas. Greys still uses that “how to save a life” line. now Bros and Sis.

Legendary Texas PR man Julian Read blogs at Texas “Off The Record” clears up why JFK was in Dallas that fateful day.

RT @corinnew: RT @caboniRT @wallymetts: Wash Post Editor Ends Tweets as New Guidelines Are Issued. Dying, dying, dead



smoke-free communities average 26% decline in heart attacks, compared with those that allow smokers in public places.

Man plays with snakes. Puff Adder bites him. Because he was busy playing with a black mamba